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Windows XP SP3 Professional VL Key Free Download

Windows XP SP3 Professional VL - Original distribution from Microsoft , released in 2008 - this is it. A copy of the original discs Windows XP Pro SP3 VL Russian / English / German. And once again, this is not an assembly, and the original Windows. Windows XP (codename for the development - Whistler; internal version - Windows NT 5.1) - Operating System Windows NT family of Microsoft. She was released on October 25, 2001 and is the development of Windows 2000 Professional. The name is a portmanteau of XP. experience (experience). The original distribution from Microsoft!

Some of the most notable improvements in Windows XP over Windows 2000 are:

* The new design of graphical user interface, including a more rounded and smooth colors, as well as additional functional improvements (such as the ability to view the folder as a slide show in Windows Explorer, Windows) .
Support for text smoothing method ClearType, improves display of text on LCD displays (disabled by default).
* Ability to quickly switch user, allowing one to temporarily interrupt the user to log in as another user, while keeping the applications running first user included.
* The "Remote Assistance", which allows advanced users and technical personnel to connect to a computer running Windows XP on the network to resolve problems. At the same time helping the user can see the screen content, and keep the conversation (with the permission of the remote user) to take control in their hands.
* System Restore is designed to return the system to some previous state (this function is the development of a similar program included in Windows ME) as well as other ways to improve recovery. So, if you load the last known good configuration is loaded and also the old set of drivers, which allows in some cases, it is easy to restore your system for problems that have arisen as a result of installing the drivers, the ability to roll back drivers, etc.
* Improved compatibility with older programs and games. Special Compatibility Wizard allows you to emulate the behavior of one particular program from the previous OS versions (from Windows 95). However, the compatibility function is present in Windows 2000 Service Pack
* Remote access to the workstation by incorporating into the tiny terminal server (Professional edition only).
* More advanced systems management from the command line.
* Support for Windows Explorer and digital audio fotoformatov (automatic display of metadata for audio files, such as ID3 tags for MP3-files).
* Windows XP includes technology, developed by Roxio, which allow direct CD burning from Windows Explorer without installing additional software, and work with recordable CDs is becoming such a working with floppy disks or hard drives. Also in Media Player includes the ability to record audio CDs.Opportunities to work with disk images are not provided.
* Windows XP can work with archives ZIP and CAB without installing additional software. Working with the archives of this type available in Windows Explorer as normal folders, you can create, delete and go to the archive, add / delete files like working with ordinary folders. It is also possible to set a password for the archive. If necessary, you can assign to work with these archives any third-party software.
* Improvements to subsystem, EFS, consisting in the requirement of a recovery agent, safer, save the keys. Encrypted files will not just be deleted and overwritten with zeros, which is much more reliable. Since SP1 is possible to use (it is used by default) algorithm AES, along with DESX and 3-DES.
* Customizable toolbars, you can use to optimize access to files, folders and Internet resources.Enough to place them on the edge of the desktop (like a sidebar), or on the taskbar (in the form of references). New and improved features of Service Pack 3: Windows XP SP3 * includes improvements to the router discovery "black hole" (detecting routers Packages that destroy without warning), including a finding of default. * Network Access Protection (NAP) - a platform for improving the policies built into the operating system Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP SP3 and allows better protect network assets by increasing the compatibility with the requirements of the system. NAP allows you to create custom policies to validate computer's status before allowing access or communication, automatically update compliant computers to ensure ongoing compliance; and optionally noncompliant computers to a limited network until they become compliant. CredSSP * - this is a new supplier Security Service (SSP), available in Service Pack Windows XP SP3 using the Security Service Provider Interface (SSPI). CredSSP enables an application to delegate user credentials from the client (via Client side SSP) to the target server (via the server-side SSP). Service Pack Windows XP SP3 ensures the implementation of SSP only for client-side and is currently used protocol RDP 6.1 (TS), although it can be used by any third party application wishing to use the Client side SSP to interact with applications that implement the corresponding server side on a computer Vista / Server 2008. * Control Panel "Security Settings" in the service pack Windows XP SP3 now has more descriptive text to explain settings and prevent incorrect settings configuration. * In System Center Essentials for Windows XP SP3 record "Administrator" and "Service" on default will be submitted for each new instance of policy. In addition, the user interface for the user to replace a client after authentication will not be able to remove these settings. * Microsoft Cryptographic module implements and supports hashing algorithms SHA2 (SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512) certificate validation X.509. These functions were added to the cryptographic module rsaenh.dll. * As in the case of Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Windows Vista, users can now perform a full, integrated installation of Windows XP SP3 without entering product key. The operating system will prompt the user to enter a product key later as part of functions of Windows Genuine Advantage. Additional Information: * The original image of Microsoft Windows Professional SP3 (vol - Corporate) * When installing enter 25-digit unique key: VHHWK-69Y6M-WM8YD-MB8TR-K86FB System Requirements: * Minimum: 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM (may be limited to some vozmozhnosti) * Super VGA (800 x 600), 1.5 GB HDD, CD-ROM. * Recommended: 300 MHz or higher, 128 MB RAM or more. Checksums: MD5: 02B46B7F74308D7D31E608DB8DDDDFFD SHA-1: B7E0DD8B8832E4966E61A9EC3CCD9E7EF3EAD1B3

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